July 24, 2024

Back from my Africa trip

Hello all,

I’m now back from my 2 week Tanzania trip. I’ve had an awesome trip filled with adventure, people, wildlife and good food. For this month I have in plan 2-3 more technical articles and a couple of professional related ones like these:

  • 6 tips to stay focused and avoid distractions
  • 4 most safe sources of income
  • Principles of good coding (no matter what language you use)
  • Why most people fail do start a side hustle

Some highlights of this trip

Hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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Enthusiast adventurer, software developer with a high sense of creativity, discipline and achievement. I like to travel, I like music and outdoor sports. Because I have a broken ligament, I prefer safer activities like running or biking. In a couple of years, my ambition is to become a good technical lead with entrepreneurial mindset. From a personal point of view, I’d like to establish my own family, so I’ll have lots of things to do, there’s never time to get bored 😂

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