Software development – the right way

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Andrei-Flavius Ivan and I work as a Software Developer for more than 10 years. I enjoy working with all kinds of web technologies, I like the thrill of administering a Linux server and I love developing masterpiece software. Having worked with both big and small projects, small firms but also corporations, I can tackle the challenge of delivering resilient good quality products.

I’ve started this website because I believe more in personal branding and I want to offer services like blog, useful apps, tips and tricks but also help the community and the people who want to start a new journey as developers. You can also see a list of projects that I am/was involved in. Also feel free to use the contact page to reach out to me. I want to help people who are interested in an IT career strengthen their skills and learn from my vast experience. I will write articles about professional improvement, how to get better results at work or management/entrepreneurial mindsets. There’s also a focus on advanced technical topics targeted at developers.

From a personal point of view, I like to live an active lifestyle by running, hiking and biking. Being so passionate about outdoors, I believe that a day spent only indoor is a day lost! Discipline with out-of-routine uprisings is like a religion to me to be able to proactively function in both personal and professional aspects of my life.

Hope you’ll like this website and find it useful!