A bit about myself

My full name is Andrei-Flavius Ivan and I’m an enthusiast adventurer, software developer with a high sense of creativity, discipline and achievement. I like to travel, I like music and outdoor sports. Because I have a broken ligament, I prefer safer activities like running or biking. In a couple of years, my ambition is to become a good technical lead with entrepreneurial mindset. From a personal point of view, I’d like to establish my own family, so I’ll have lots of things to do, there’s never time to get bored 😂

Why I opened this blog

By opening this blog, I want to help people who are interested in an IT career strengthen their skills and learn from my vast experience. I will write articles about professional improvement, how to get better results at work or management/entrepreneurial mindsets. There’s also a focus on advanced technical topics targeted at developers. Being a Microsoft stack developer, ASP.NET will be prevalent. You’ll also find Angular articles because I really like this frontend technology.

Hope you’ll find the articles here useful and if you have any questions please reach me at:


All the best,